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​In 2019 I relocated back to my homeland Denmark after many years in the United Kingdom, where I was trained as a Counselling Psychologist and where I am still HCPC registered. Before, during and after my training I have specialised in psychosocial rehabilitation for people with chronic long-term conditions. After working in brain injury rehabilitation and chronic pain services I decided to focus more on research and development. I have developed the world’s first integrative process model for psychosocial adjustment to chronic long-term conditions. The model’s name is IMACC, which stands for Integrative Model of Adjustment to Chronic Conditions.

I have personal experience with chronic long-term conditions. Such conditions represent one of the biggest healthcare challenges of the world and, sadly, most people experience chronic long-term conditions, either personally or within their social context. It is important that we learn to look after ourselves and each other in order to live as well as possible with the condition(s). We need continuous development, not only personally, but also development of clinical tools that can be applied to help those, who are struggling to adjust. 

In addition to my consultancy work I am founding member and Chair of the International Network of Research into Adjustment to Long-term Conditions (INRePALC), a network for researchers, clinicians and people with chronic long-term conditions with the aim of strengthening and coordinating the work into developing a stronger evidence base and innovative therapies for psychosocial rehabilitation in chronic long-term conditions. 

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