IMACC is short for the Integrative Model of Adjustment to Chronic Conditions. It is the world’s first evidence based psychological process model of adjustment for use in psychosocial rehabilitation and it offers an in-depth understanding of the change processes that people with chronic long-term conditions have to go through in order to adjust and find a way back to the best possible life with their acquired condition(s).

Advantages of IMACC:

  • Systematic assessment of barriers to adjustment and rehabilitation
  • Systematic coordination of treatment planning and multidisciplinary involvement
  • Highly specific and focused goal setting
  • A deeper understanding for patients of the factors contributing to a maintenance of their difficulties and, through that, increased motivation for change of unhelpful health behaviours

The IMACC model can be viewed here

Further information: Research and development

Testimonials from clinicians:

"I can’t recommend this enough. [The IMACC] has been invaluable to me in my work with individuals and groups with chronic pain. It has a wide variety of applications across different healthcare settings, patient populations and disciplines."

Dr L. Armitage, United Kingdom:

Highly Specialist Psychologist in Pain Management

"The IMACC was a stable model in probably 70-80% of clients I saw individually in the pain unit. I think I would have struggled to work in pain management without IMACC holding everything together for me."

Dr M. Lee, United Kingdom:

Highly Specialist Psychologist in Pain Management

Owner of Trust Psychology and Trust Pain Management

"One thing that stood out for me in your presentation was how your [IMACC] model seems to fit most people and as such can be a blueprint for anyone's recovery."

Dr Bill Gallagher, USA

Chiropractor and owner at Phoenix Medical Legal Services


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