Psychosocial adjustment and rehabilitation

Psychosocial rehabilitation is a term more often used in relation to the recovery and rehabilitation of people with significant mental health problems, e.g. after discharge from psychiatric services. However, there are plenty of other people, who might benefit from psychosocial rehabilitation; people who struggle to adjust to a life with chronic long-term conditions may be in need of formal psychosocial rehabilitation.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the issue of chronic long-term conditions is now one of the foremost challenging problems for health care services around the world. When acquiring a chronic long-term condition people typically have to make changes to their lifestyle to a greater or lesser degree, i.e. adjust to living with their condition.

Some achieve that better than others; according to recent research it is only a minority that achieve the best possible level of adjustment and find a way of living well with their condition. In view of these issues, it is important that we develop the best possible understanding of the adjustment challenges that people are facing and essential that we develop effective interventions for people, who struggle to adjust.

IMACC offers an integrative framework programme that can be used either as a framework for research and development or applied as a clinical assessment and intervention tool for psychosocial rehabilitation of people with chronic long-term conditions.


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