Talks and training

​Talks and training courses can be developed according to the needs of the organisation.

Online e-courses are under development and will be offered via this website, once they are available. If you indicate your interest via the contact form below, then you will be notified when a course is ready.

For patient organisations

Talk/workshop (can be offered as webinar)

Titel: Why is it so difficult? A new understanding of the psychosocial change processes in chronic long-term conditions

Who is this for?

Patients, relatives, patient advocates, and others with an interest in adjustment to a life with one or more chronic conditions.

Duration: 90-120 minutes

This event can also be booked as a 3 hour workshop with opportunity for personal reflections based on the IMACC system.

Book an inspiring talk and learn more about:

  • What is involved in adjusting one’s life to live better with a chronic long-term condition?
  • I don’t want to live like I do now, but how do I move on?
  • ​Why is it so difficult to change lifestyle?
  • I refuse to BE my condition – a question of identity!
  • What is the role of the social context and how do we get better at working together?

For healthcare services

Training courses/workshops (can be offered as webinar)

Introduction to IMACC

Who should attend?

Target audience 1: Psychologists and other healthcare professionals with experience in cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT, ACT etc.)

Target audience 2: Healthcare professionals without experience in cognitive behavioural therapies.

Duration: 1 day (6 hours)


  • What is psychosocial rehabilitation for people with chronic long-term conditions?
  • IMACC – a systematic approach to identification of barriers to rehabilitation
  • IMACC – an integrative framework programme for assessment and treatment planning
  • IMACC – how to incorporate existing therapies
  • ​IMACC – how to use it to coordinate multidisciplinary involvement
  • IMACC as an applied treatment programme
  • Caseformulation exercises

Competencies after training (target audience 1):

  • ​Competency in the use of IMACC for assessment and treatment planning, including integration of existing therapies and multidisciplinary involvement
  • Basic competency in formulation of maintenance factors and collaborative goal setting with a view to achieving relevant and desired health behaviour changes

Competencies after training (target audience 2):

  • Competency in identification of adjustment issues and psychosocial rehabilitation needs
  • Competency in the use of IMACC for identification of barriers to rehabilitation


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